That’s the end of March…

Too many things happened on this month. (kak azzura, nak tiru post kali ni, nak recap ape yg berlaku sepanjang bulan :D, dengan izin…)

For Bij-AK staffs
  • Amin got engaged with his dearly cik siti. They will tie the knot on end of May
  • Jon got married to neny.
  • Man become a daddy to absyar iskandar bin Sulaiman gerimy. He was born @ 3.11kg.
  • Romai got promoted to Group Project Manager

New babies in town…

  • My course mate Shima got a baby girl named Nayli Naqiyyah @ 3.695kg
  • My best friends Norman & Wan got a baby girl too named Eiman Cahaya Binti Noriman @ 3.5kg (what a nice name kan?)
  • Again, Absyar Danish Bin Sulaiman Gerimy was born @ 3.11kg
  • Erra Fazira also just delivers a babyG named Engku Aleesya @ 4.04kg. (amboi, bukan member pun nak tulis gak ni. hehehehe…)

    Congratulations all. Happy parenthood!

For us (me, wan and nia)

  • nia still not recovers from her cough and flu. Yesterday we brought nia to pediatrician at an-nur bangi and she was diagnosed having bronchitis. (At minor stage) sangat kesian… but she still very active though.
  • Nia has started to eat on this month. It was on 15th March 2009 to be exact. Her first solid food was nestle brown rice.
  • Nia has stop breastfeeding. I wish I could breastfeed nia for 1 year at least but what can I do, stok suda habis..
  • As for me? Well, as u guys already knew that I’ve lost my hp but found it back. We were having dinner at ayamas warta at that night. And I left my hp on the table, forgot to put back on my handbag. Luckily the manager kept my hp but WITH EMPTY BATTERIES AND ZERO CREDIT. (takpela, sedekah. Upah simpankan hp)
  • My camera’s charger was broke! Damn it! But I got a new one!. (nak jadi blogger tegar bak kata jiey, kene snap gambar di mana jua anda berada. Hahaha… So aku sgt la frust bila tau charger camera rosak masa tu)
  • We went to Melaka for our vacation.

I leave you with nia’s short clip. This was recorded a day before we go to Melaka. I record this for nothing purpose. I’m not adding a video for the entry nia @ 5 months old. I should be because I promised to nia’s opah, maklong, uncles and aunty to upload nia’s video once a month at least. Enjoy!

Bubye March…hello April. More exciting things to come as nia will turn 6 months in few days….


Ryn said…
Nia dah makin comeyyy...*wink*wink*
azyyati anuar said…
bln march...bulan yg terlalu bz...

x leh nk bukak video ko ni la...geram aku...
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