Muhammad Danish Mikhail Lee bin Muhammad Hadi Lee

January 29, 2009 Mrs. Simplicity 6 Comments

Fuh, panjang nye nama! Tapi aku suka menyebutnye. Ari isnin tu, kitorg pegi melawat kak ju (kawan baik aku masa kat ukm). Kak ju baru je melahirkan si Danish ni. baru tak la baru sangat, dia pun nak habis pantang dah. Aku sangat la teruja berjumpa dengan kak ju since the last we met was on my wedding! Imagine how long we never met.

Mata Danish sangat la sepet sampai x cam dia bukak mata ke tutup mata. Teringat la masa nia kecik2 dulu. Nia pun syok la jumpe boyfren dia tu. Tesengeh je. Amboi, gatal nye anak mama. Mama dulu baik je tau. X gatal pun.

Seiring da sejalan, seindah bunga ditaman…. Hahahah… we are 2008 babies!

Best of fren. Kalo da jumpe ni, mmg sembang x hengat. Anak2 abah hadi dgn papa wan yg jaga ye. Mama aly dgn umi ju nak sembang2. kitorg besembang sampai baby Danish dgn nia tetido. Yela, lama x jumpe, banyak benda kene update. Rasa mcm dulu la… kalo ade mama ita dgn cik lin mesti lagi happening.

Kitorg balik nak dekat maghrib, then singgah jusco sebrang perai, then balik umah….



along ima's engagement

January 29, 2009 Mrs. Simplicity 3 Comments

Salam… last Sunday, we went to Kuala Selangor to attend our cousin’s engagement. Finally, along ima got engaged to pyan. Her fiancé is nia’s maklong friend. In fact, my cousin got to know pyan through nia’s maklong. (dapat pahala la ko long sebab membina masjid) hehehe… we arrived at the ceremony around 11a.m. When we arrived, nia grabbed others attention. Since all her uncles and aunties just met her once (at Kelana Jaya to send nia’s opah and atuk to perform their hajj), they took the chance to play with nia. Relax kejap mama sbb ramai nak dukung nia. Hahahah… here are some photos during the event.

The brides to be, ima looks stunning on that day. Belum kawin lagi ni, da nampak seri pengantin nye. Congrats along! May your engagement last to marriage. Amin…

1. nia yg taknak diletak. Nak dukung je. Tapi mama tetap posing.
2. along ima with the hantaran.
3. ayahyang nia dukung nia, tp anaknye adam da mula jeles. heheeh
4. aunty ina dgn haikal
5. nia pun nak gelak tgh org sembang sembang
6. aku sebagai tukang angkat hantaran. Di tangan, sirih junjung.

Pics during the ceremony.

Ok, this is Nur Alyssa Amani, she’s 1 and half years old. I’m not sure if I spell her name correctly. Lysa is my close cousin’s daughter. Sally her mummy’s name. Sally and I are same age but nia and lysa are not, since she got married first. Hehehe…

After the event was over, we straight away went to Kedah, its turn to go back to kedah this time. Luckily the high way was not jammed. It’s because they have already balik kampong on Saturday for “makan besar”. Before that, we dropped by at sg dua to eat mee udang. The famous mee udang sungai dua. The mee was really2 delicious. Sedap hingga menjilat pinggan. And surprisingly the place is provided with the baby cot and also baby’s bouncer. Good facilities for such an ordinary restaurant. So we put nia in the bouncer while me and wan enjoying the food. Hehehehe…

Nia waiting patiently while mama and papa finished the mee udang. Meanwhile she starts talking to herself cause she saw the the fan at ceiling moving. Since nia is already start recognizing her voice, she starts shouting likes she wanted to grab the fan. Adoi, glamour kejap la kitorg kan.


pelepasan perasaan

Kerana seribu ringgit…

January 22, 2009 Mrs. Simplicity 3 Comments


1/12/2008 (masih dalam cuti bersalin) – aku buat pengeluaran wang di ATM Maybank equine park. RM1000. tapi, system error. Kad aku rosak kot. Tak pelah, cuba kat tempat lain. Aku try kuakan kat atm jusco equine pulak. Sederet ATM tu aku cuba kuakan; Ambank, MBB & RHB, masih tak bole jugak. Confirm kad rosak ni. btw, kad aku RHB.

2/12/2008 – aku pegi RHB nak buat kad baru & nak kua duit manually. Masa nak kua duit tu, cek baki, tak sama dgn yg sepatutnya. Sah, RM1000 aku da kene telan tapi aku tak dapat duit nye. Aku pun buat kad baru & terus buat report. Nasib aku ada simpan semua resit2 kat semua bank tu. Maka laporan pun telah dibuat dia RHB. Bank cakap Maybank yg amik duit aku. Aku pun pegi la buat report kat maybank pulak

As time goes by….

31/12/2008 – masih x dpt duit lagi. Dalam pada tu mmg aku buat follow up tanya both banks. Arini aku call maybank Tanya status. Tetapi…. PIC maybank tu cakap duit aku bukan Maybank yg telan. 'There must be other bank', katanya. Da mula hangin. Aku terus call RHB balik. Tup tup dia cakap AMbank yg telan duit aku. apsal la x cakap dari awal AMbank yg amik duit aku kan. Kene buat report baru.Ttakpela, pegi pulak RHB balik buat report baru. Call AMbank, dia cakap tak payah buat report kat AMbank. RHB akan report kan.

13/1/2009 (da masuk tahun lain dah ni) – Follow up with RHB. Dia ckp ‘alya, u have to report to AMbank also la’. aduhai… sakit nye hati. Ita suruh aku report kat bank Negara je. ikut hati mmg nak report dah ni. wan pulak suruh report kat tribunal pengguna. hahahaa.... tapi takpe. Cool dulu

15/1/2009 – buat report kat AMbank Seri Kembangan. Servis dia sangat la bagus! No offense to RHB and MBB. Officer tu cakap dalam 10 hari bekerja insyaAllah bole dapat balik.

22/1/2009 (nia da nak masuk 4 bulan) – pagi ni saja cek online, duit da masuk! AKHIRNYA…. Terima Kasih En. Khairul, AMbank atas kerjasama anda. Tak sampai 10 hari bole dapat.

Moral of the story – perkhidmatan pelanggan bank2 kat malaysia ni harus ditingkatkan. Sekian…


nia - progress,

nia - 3 months

January 21, 2009 Mrs. Simplicity 4 Comments

nia is chatting with papa while mama is sleeping (migraine)...

I promise nia’s granny to upload nia’s video clip on her development. Nia now can response when someone is talking to her, with the right approach. And now she like to babbling while watching tv, its like the tv is talking to her. So opah, enjoy!




January 20, 2009 Mrs. Simplicity 0 Comments

We supposed to go out to find nia’s wardrobe and plan to have lunch at the mines on sunday. I’m so excited because the last time we went to the mines was before my delivery. Since nia’s birth, we have never been there because they are no nursery room. But last week when I dropped by at maxis centre in the mall to pay bill, the place was totally changed. I remember they did some renovations and all the works had already done. Aku sedikit jakun. All I can think at that time is to date here with wan and nia on weekend. And there is a nursery room too! Sponsored by Annakku. But we can only plan; Allah is almighty. Kun fayakun (jadi, maka jadilah).
On that beautiful Sunday, while I’m playing with nia and wan was busy clean up the house, I was attacked by migraine. I’m a (not so strong) migraine sufferer. I’ve been diagnosed when I was in form 3. It was started when I’m in class, I think it’s a math class that time, I was vomiting. Luckily my mom was teaching at the same school brought me to clinic, and the doctor confirmed that I got migraine. There are a few foods that I cannot eat; i.e. chocolate, caffeine and orange. It happened more often when in school time. But when I was in university, it becomes lesser. Its start attacking me back after I become a mom. There are a few factors you might get back the migraine. For me, it’s because of not enough sleep. Yela, dapat pingat PJM (Pingat Jaga Malam). It worries me, because while I’m sick, I can’t take care of nia. Luckily it happened on weekend and wan was handled everything. It takes few hours to recover, the cure? I just need a few hours nap. There is no medicine for migraine as far as I know except for the pain killer which is not helpful. Alhamdulillah I’m getting better by night and managed to watch AJL. Heheheh… but still not fully recovered.
A friend of mine, forward an email title ‘ubat sakit migrain’. I was like, fet, macam tau2 je kite kene migraine semalam. Below is the method for us, migraine sufferer. I am so amazed by Allah’s mighty. I’ll definitely apply this method. We can feel when the attacks are coming and when it starts to ebb away. So, friends, save this method

1. Read Al fateha (1 x )
2. Read Surah Al Ikhlas (3xs )
3. Read Surah Yassin ayat ke 58 " Sala mun Qaulan Minrabbirrahim" (3xs )
4. Read Selawat (3xs )

InsyaAllah, it will work. Tq fet for sharing the info.

What is nia doing while mama sleeping?

nia was watching tv with papa


mr. husband,

recording artist??

January 19, 2009 Mrs. Simplicity 4 Comments

On Saturday me and nia accompanied papa to babyboss studio (Rahmat kamikaze’s studio) for recording session. Recording??? Papa’s band which I don’t know what’s his band name, arapaima? Paxma? Plasma? Seriously I have no clue. His former band is CODE. Hahahaa.. plan to make an album! Album??? They decided to record 3 songs to pass it to mr roslan aziz, just give a shot if he’s interested on them to make a record. Mr roslan aziz??? No comment. It’s just for fun actually.

It takes quite a time to record just 3 songs. Haiyaa, me and nia were sooo bored. Not much we can do except watched TV. We stuck at the studio for about 5 hours!

babyboss studio

But the session didn’t go as smooth as they expected because the drummer had minor problem on the beat for the 3rd song. Minor ke? That part I’m not sure. Hahahah…. Who’s the drummer???? SUAMI SAYA. No comment on that. Jiwa kacau barangkali. Cause me and nia were there, maybe. It’s ok dear, maybe its time for you to retire and concentrate on the family. Cewah! Statement artis. Hahahah…

Kami sangat bosan ok.

After the not-so-smooth-recording, we had supper (we skipped dinner) at burger king damansara. Its 1200 am in the morning, and nia has fall asleep and we arrived home at 2.00am


mr. husband,

futsal & tanjung harapan, klang

January 17, 2009 Mrs. Simplicity 7 Comments

Ok, blogging time. Last night we went to klang to watch nia’s papa on futsal game. It’s just a friendly match between his colleagues. So, me n nia had to cheers for papa. Hahaah… nia seems enjoyed watching the game. Mata bulat je anak mama tuh.

Don’t bother. I’m watching here. When I grow up, I want to play futsal too!

After the game, we heading to muara, klang to had our dinner. Wan got his bonus, so he wanted to treat mama n nia to eat seafood. What we enjoy eating here is because we can choose the seafoods by our own. fresh from the sea! The food was ok, not the best I’ve ever eat. Klang is not near from our home but since wan is working at klang, we feel not too far to go here. We’ve been here several times, one I can remember where we were celebrating wan’s birthday. Not my wan, but Norman’s wan. The cake was fall down at that time, so the cake was like senget benget a bit. We supposed to make surprise to the birthday girl, but it didn’t turn out to be surprise anymore. Hahaha….. gilos!

And we had an ice cream for the dessert. This was my 1st ice cream after nia’s birth. Yela, kene pantang 100 ari… sungguh teseksa masa tu. But the ice cream was not nice! Rm3 saja maaa… ok la…

Oh, we met riz af6, but I didn’t take his picture. X mau la, nanti dia ingat dia famous kan. Hahaha… poyo jek. He’s just like on tv, big size! Like to smile and seems friendly. Dari jauh la kan…

We arrived home at 0030hrs. Terus pengsan sebab kami sudah kekenyangan. Nia pun da tido jugak sebab da kekenyangan minum susu. Good night, assalamualaikum…



flashback...1982 & 2009

January 16, 2009 Mrs. Simplicity 5 Comments

this is me back on 1982. does nia looks like me???

and this is nia's papa on 1982. or does nia looks like her papa???

jeng jeng jeng... and this is me and nia's maklong!!!

comel tak kami? hahahaha...



news! Palestin...

January 15, 2009 Mrs. Simplicity 4 Comments

MCDonalds and Starbucks have today announced that they will be donating all profits from now until Sunday to Israel war. Also, the producers of Adam Sandler's new movies Bed Times Stories will be donating their profits to Israel. Be informed and let others know not to contribute and refuse to support these monsters that believing in killing innocent civillians. Boycott them!! Together we can make a difference!


pelepasan perasaan

traffic jammed

January 15, 2009 Mrs. Simplicity 5 Comments

Usually I will go out from home to office about 8.30am and the traffic is clear. But I don’t know what happened on last 2 days when I’m out from home as usual; the road was terribly heavily jammed. So, I was late to office for the last 2 day. Tejejas akunye assessment ni. :p which we will be assess on the end of month. Time ni la macam2 kenderaan nak kua, dgn back hoe la ape la. And also bomba truck! Dengan diorg pun stuck kat jem. takut x sempat sampai kat tempat kejadian, hangus dah gak nye. Mmg makin kaya la org Malaysia ni even though economy is down.

ha amik kau, siap aku bole amik gambar lagi. hahahaha...




January 13, 2009 Mrs. Simplicity 4 Comments

lepas lunch, aku balik ofis, then few minutes later, office blackout. terjerit la jugak, coz i'm afraid of dark. so, we just sat at the sofa and chit chat. dalam hati, mintak2 la lama blackout ni, bole balik awal. hihihihi... tapi nampaknya Allah x makbulkan niat buruk aku ni. lepas 1 jam tu, letrik ada balik. susah hati jugak bila takde letrik sebab banyak benda nak buat. termasukla blogging. hahahaah... letrik dah ade, so back to work!




January 12, 2009 Mrs. Simplicity 3 Comments

company aku will hold a family day on thaipusam day at cherating! it was my idea to go there. aku sangat la suka sbb committee member sebulat suara akan kesana. tgh countdown nak pegi je ni. so, banyak la benda yg perlu diuruskan as i'm one of the committee member. tapi takpe, excited punye pasal, sume nye ok. yang x bape nak excited nye nanti, ade karaoke competition yang compulsary to all staff. tak mencapai objektif retreat nih. sebab tension fikir pasal karaoke competition tu nanti. heheehe... nak nyanyi lagu ape ye????

where we will be staying? at holiday villa beach resort & spa, cherating. tak kisah, yang penting nak tepi pantai. da lama x mandi laut. camne nak mandi laut ade anak kecik ni ek? takpe, bole difikirkan.


nia - progress,

nia babbling

January 12, 2009 Mrs. Simplicity 2 Comments

Last weekend was ok. Not much activity. We brought nia for monthly check up & injection. Her weight is 5.4kg at 3months. Luckily she didn't cry. But the injection area is swollen a bit.

nia after her injection. tawaf 1 living room.

on sunday pulak, kite went to jusco equine, did some shopping. rania ade demam skit so aku da bg ubat demam sebelum pegi. dia da seronok pegi bejalan jalan gaknye, so x la meragam pun. kite pegi kejap je then balik umah, tebongkang balik. tp nia buat perangai pulak. dia menangis2 sampai tetido kat bahu mama.

malam td, nia besembang2 dgn mama & papa dia, so ade rekod skit. lgpun da janji dgn maklong nia, nak upload video nia. so here it is...


nia - story

nia's sleeping style

January 09, 2009 Mrs. Simplicity 2 Comments

aku rasa nia start meniarap masa dia tgh tido. ade 1 night tu dia bole tido then sedar2 da tuka position ke meniarap. mmg kelaka betul. so wan ade amik gambar dia tido & pertukaran position dia dari telentang sampai tertiarap.

nia...nia...awatla anak dara tido camni


nia - outing,

bila dapur rosak

January 09, 2009 Mrs. Simplicity 3 Comments

bila dapur rosak, aku la yg seronok.
sebab... x payah masak.
lepas tu... makan kat lua ari2. yela, dapur gas kat umah tu aku pakai since bujang, da la cap ayam. so, its time la kan.
tapi... dapur gas yang kitorg dapat masa kawin dulu ade kat perak. hahah... its either wan have to buy a new one or wait untill we go back to perak.
mama x kisah... hahahah...

nia boring sebab takleh nak makan. sian nia..




January 08, 2009 Mrs. Simplicity 6 Comments

haaa, aku kembali. arini nak story skit pasal our (nia & mama nia) achievement. last week on krismas day, nia diserang ciken pox tapi x serious sgt. dlm 3 hari dia da baik & bintik2 kat badan da mula kering. dalam pada tu, nia da mula meniarap. nia makes mama proud! tapi kepala dia x kuat sangat lagi, baru2 nak blaja. tp malam td, dia bole hold kepala dia lama skit sambil tgk tv.

tu nia nye achievement, mama nye achievement lak jeng jeng jeng..... i now can fit in my xs size pant! wooohooooo.... aku sgt la suka. tapi masih belum mencapai target lagi. i have 5 more kg to loose. caiyok2!



a new chapter

January 08, 2009 Mrs. Simplicity 4 Comments

short entry from me. finally i manage to create my own blog. but technically, my lil sis amalina yg buat this blog. hari-hari baca blog org, dlm hati 'bila la nak ade blog sendiri ni. and today is the day. i'll try to maintain the momentum of the excitement to update anything that i want to share about me & my life.

well, thats all for the opening. credit to ina! nanti kngah blanje ko ek. :D