Mana ubertwitter?

Bangun pagi cek hp, ada yg tak kena. Dpt email from twitter support. They have forbidden ubertwitter la. Kenapakah?

Twitter nak blackberry user use application twitter for blackberry la. Huhu. Terkial sikit la nak catch up balik.

But, don't worry tweethearts, ubertwitter will change their name to ubersocial. They need some time to reactivate back and we need to download uber back. Hope it will be soon. Sangap dowh!

Note : korang tau ke apa aku cite ni wei? Aku luah perasaan jap. Hehhe...
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Elyn said...

Wee berjaya pun, tak sesia dalam ngantuk mlm td aku bbm ko ekeke. Eh gambar bile nak try? Attachkan je!!


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