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MCDonalds and Starbucks have today announced that they will be donating all profits from now until Sunday to Israel war. Also, the producers of Adam Sandler's new movies Bed Times Stories will be donating their profits to Israel. Be informed and let others know not to contribute and refuse to support these monsters that believing in killing innocent civillians. Boycott them!! Together we can make a difference!


Anonymous said...

There it is at last! I tell u what, dear if you wanna speak & write "rojak" better be not. It really hurting my LUNG while reading ur blog. So if u want me to keep reading it here is my advice:
1) Finish a sentence with fully english written. Wait till the next sentence to start a Bahasa sentence. Mixing it will makes people think that u r trying to be sooo "KL" huh!
2) Do not repeat word; i.e referring to your traffic jammed story u had repeat "last 2 days" twice.

Sekian sahaja untuk kali ini bersama Ya Ustatun Riduan Tee..:D

(Sori kalau ada tsilap penggunaan bahasa, terutamanya bahasa Arab).

Muchas gracias..

alyyani said...

apela, org komen pasal post ni. silap konsep ni. nak sabo org nye blog je. ceh!

amalina binti anuar said...

uit xleh mkn mcd dah pas nie..

azyyati anuar said...

asal lak orang ni..kecoh sgt...hidup PALESTIN!!!!


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