We supposed to go out to find nia’s wardrobe and plan to have lunch at the mines on sunday. I’m so excited because the last time we went to the mines was before my delivery. Since nia’s birth, we have never been there because they are no nursery room. But last week when I dropped by at maxis centre in the mall to pay bill, the place was totally changed. I remember they did some renovations and all the works had already done. Aku sedikit jakun. All I can think at that time is to date here with wan and nia on weekend. And there is a nursery room too! Sponsored by Annakku. But we can only plan; Allah is almighty. Kun fayakun (jadi, maka jadilah).
On that beautiful Sunday, while I’m playing with nia and wan was busy clean up the house, I was attacked by migraine. I’m a (not so strong) migraine sufferer. I’ve been diagnosed when I was in form 3. It was started when I’m in class, I think it’s a math class that time, I was vomiting. Luckily my mom was teaching at the same school brought me to clinic, and the doctor confirmed that I got migraine. There are a few foods that I cannot eat; i.e. chocolate, caffeine and orange. It happened more often when in school time. But when I was in university, it becomes lesser. Its start attacking me back after I become a mom. There are a few factors you might get back the migraine. For me, it’s because of not enough sleep. Yela, dapat pingat PJM (Pingat Jaga Malam). It worries me, because while I’m sick, I can’t take care of nia. Luckily it happened on weekend and wan was handled everything. It takes few hours to recover, the cure? I just need a few hours nap. There is no medicine for migraine as far as I know except for the pain killer which is not helpful. Alhamdulillah I’m getting better by night and managed to watch AJL. Heheheh… but still not fully recovered.
A friend of mine, forward an email title ‘ubat sakit migrain’. I was like, fet, macam tau2 je kite kene migraine semalam. Below is the method for us, migraine sufferer. I am so amazed by Allah’s mighty. I’ll definitely apply this method. We can feel when the attacks are coming and when it starts to ebb away. So, friends, save this method

1. Read Al fateha (1 x )
2. Read Surah Al Ikhlas (3xs )
3. Read Surah Yassin ayat ke 58 " Sala mun Qaulan Minrabbirrahim" (3xs )
4. Read Selawat (3xs )

InsyaAllah, it will work. Tq fet for sharing the info.

What is nia doing while mama sleeping?

nia was watching tv with papa



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